Свадьба Ренаты и Николая. 
На берегу Черного моря, в городе Балчик, на территории Ботанического сада,

где когда-то много времени проводила  румынская королева, наша пара решила сказать друг другу клятвы.


Фотографии пары: Бони Бонев

Фотографии декора: Юлия Маринова


Renate Skele - Dimitrova

It doesn’t matter what kind of project you are going to creat, always remember that team comes first. 
My main trick is to work with amazing people. I called them hunters of new ideas and challenge seekers. You might ask me why challenge? It’s simple - whenever something is easy there is a lot of professionals but challenge might be accepted only by ones who are not afraid to spend extra time for you, looking for the best and remember there is no traffic jam on the extra mile.
Back in 2017 I was full of ideas and looking for team who will bring them to reality. I need to admit that it was one of the biggest challenges in my life. I come from Latvia and my husband from Bulgaria and both of us living all around the world, because our life is aviation - always in the sky ? and we decide that our wedding must be in sunny Bulgaria. With our lifestyle we new that wedding organization will be hold trough WhatsApp or any other internet communication, however we decide to visit Varna to meet agencies and to get personal touch that I need to say I never get, unfortunately. I believe everyone have their own way how to work and everyone have different wishes and requirements. I’m the person that I don’t like fixed offers or same as others. As I said before, I hunt good customer service and creative people who loves challenge. Shortly before take off from Vienna airport back to work with disappointment on my eyes, Свадьба в Болгарии "Inside wedding" post came up (Instagram) on my phone, where my attention was taken away by dark hair girl who are having that special smile, smile that gives you feeling - everything is good. Irina Retunskaya I’m talking about you ? I can’t count how many voice messages we shared and how many times I disturbed you during the night, only because of another new idea came up in my mind. And Anna Zemtsova ..... girl who is more than florist, I would call her architect of flowers. She simply adore her job and that passion, love to flowers made me fell in love with you in the same day when we met. 
To all brides who read my feedback - same like you I had imagination about my wedding in my head and what was the most amazing regarding this team is that decorations and plan of the evening was made as a presentation, so I was able to see how actually will look my tables and wedding decorations and ceremony place. This team is all about details. 
Working together with Insidewedding team I have received personal touch, customer service that works 24/7 (don’t take example from me and let girls to sleep during the night), they inspired me so much that I’m ready for new challenges and I believe Varna will become my home city very soon. I think pictures will say everything about good job done. ? 
Anna и Irina как толко закончилась свадьба мой первый смысл было - а как это будет что мне не надо вам писать и спрашивать вопросы по свадьбу. Я уже очень скучаю про вас и знаю что у нас было не толко fluffy ( ? ) проект но мне есть теперь новый друзя. 
Спасибо за вашу терпеливость и спасибо что моя мечта сбылась.

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